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Their Liquidity, is Your Profit

Ever Wondered How Expert Liquidation Maps & Analytics Can Sharpen Your Market Navigation Skills?

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Join the 85.8% of Traders Who Elevate Their Game

The Kingfisher isn't just another tool—it's your unfair advantage in the volatile world of crypto trading. An impressive 85.8% of our users report a significant uplift in their trading outcomes, thanks to our unparalleled liquidation maps and analytics. Step into the realm of elite trading, where success is not just a possibility but a given.

How has The Kingfisher transformed your trading?

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Customized Dashboard

Transform Your Trading Desk: Tailor Your Analysis Hub for Precision-Driven Decisions.

Liquidations Calculator

Risk Control at Your Fingertips: Get Instant, Accurate Liquidation Assessments to Safeguard Your Investments.

Reduce Market Noise

Clarity in Chaos: Gain Unparalleled Focus with Our Streamlined Market Insights, Free from Distractions.

Bitcoin Liquidations Map (and more)

See the Unseen: Explore the Dynamics of Crypto and Bitcoin Liquidations with Our Real-Time Liquidation Map.

Better Market Visibility

Unlock Hidden Patterns: Discover How Options Dealers React to Market Movements, Revealing Opportunities Others Miss.

Aggregate Order Books

Depth Uncovered: Navigate the Market with Confidence by Understanding Where Significant Liquidity Lies.

In Liqs We Trust

Discover Unseen Market Dynamics with Real-Time Futures Liquidation Maps

Elevate Your Trading Strategy with Cutting-Edge Liquidation Map Analytics.

Interactive liquidation map graph displaying Bitcoin liquidation clusters on Binance exchange

Unlock the Power of Visualization: Navigate Key Trading Data with Our Interactive Liquidation Map
Explore Our Tools

Secure Your Market Advantage with Elite Liquidation Analysis Tools

Dive into our comprehensive suite of trading tools and services, meticulously crafted to elevate your trading journey. From pinpoint accurate liquidation maps to seamless API integration, unlock the essentials for market success.

Liquidations Calculator

Instantly pinpoint liquidation thresholds to safeguard your investments and amplify your gains.

Customized Dashboard

Forge your unique command center: tailor your dashboard for peak trading performance and efficiency.

Reduce Market Noise

Isolate the signals from the noise with our clutter-free dashboards and real-time, laser-focused market data.

Integrate with TradingView

Enhance your market analysis with a flawless TradingView integration, bringing comprehensive insights directly to your fingertips.

The hidden liquidity at a glance

Liquidations maps & heatmaps, GEX+, TOF... All guiding you to smarter trades and unseen opportunities.

See all the markets

Harness major exchanges' live feeds through Kingfisher for agile, successful trades

Cheat the market

Our unique data will give you an unprecedented edge on the markets.

Spot Hidden Liquidity with Precision

Our suite of tools, including Liquidation Maps, Heatmaps, Gamma & Vanna Exposure of options dealers, Toxic Order Flow, Aggregated orderbook, provides a panoramic view of market liquidity, guiding you to informed and strategic trades.

Liquidation map

Tame the markets with the KF-OEMS

Empower your trading with the KF-OEMS, designed for efficient, semi-automated scalping. Choose your preferred coin and exchange, and harness the power of liquidation clusters for profit

Uncover Strategies

Optimize Trades with Liquidation Intelligence

Start Trading

Exploit Liquidation Zones for Optimal Entry and Exit Points


Gain the Edge with Advanced Trading Tools

Explore our wide range of trading tools and services designed to enhance your trading experience. From liquidation maps to API integration, we have everything you need to succeed in the market.

Reduce Market Noise

Sharpen Your Trading with Accurate, Real-Time Market Data

Liquidations Calculator

Swiftly Calculate Liquidation Points to Minimize Risk

Customized Dashboard

Personalize Your Dashboard for Streamlined Trading

Integrate with TradingView

Elevate Your Analysis with TradingView Integration

Loved by many

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As low as $2/day

Start free or pay using our credit system (only pay for what you use), or choose one of our subscriptions below.

* Sign up today and enjoy the flexibility to choose how many months you'd like to prepay for. The more months, the more discount.

Best for Explorers



Try for free to see the value of the our platform

  • Comprehensive Live Chart

    Get real-time access to detailed trade and liquidation feeds with ultra-precise 1ms candles.
  • Daily Liquidation Map

    Easily plan trades with our daily public liquidation map.
  • Advanced Scripting Engine

    Tailor your trading experience with our Tradingview-style scripting engine.
  • Kingfisher Bazar Configuration

    Effortlessly create your dashboard with our Kingfisher Bazar tool.
  • Spin to Win Credits

    Win free credits daily for more liquidation map access.
  • Market Ratio Insights

    Keep up with market trends with real-time ratio insights.
  • Live OrderBooks

    See the OrderBooks pressure as it happens.
Best for Occasional Traders



1 Credit/LiqMap or 10 credits for 1h full-access

  • All The Free Features Plus More

  • Flexible Credit Purchase

    Buy credits individually as per your need.
  • Single Liquidation Map Pulls

    Pull one liquidation map at a time, tailored for occasional traders.
  • Ideal for Sporadic Traders

    Best suited for traders who engage in infrequent trades.
Best for Casual Traders


$79 /mo

Everything you need to get started: LiqMaps, GEX+...

  • All The Features!

  • Unlimited Liquidation Maps

    Pull as many liquidation maps as you need.
  • GEX+ Access

    Get insights into Gamma and Vanna exposure of Options dealers.
  • Toxic Order Flow Visibility

    Monitor toxic order flows in real-time.
  • Leverage and Liquidation Clusters

    View market leverage states and liquidation clusters easily.
  • Exclusive Community Access

    Join private Discord and Telegram groups for expert discussions.
  • Global RSI Heatmap

    Analyze market trends with the Global RSI Heatmap.
  • Innovative Index Builder and Trader

    Utilize our specialized tools for Bybit and Binance.
  • OEMS Trial

    Experience our Order Execution Management System.
Loved by Seasoned Traders Best Seller


$109 /mo

For serious traders and desks. Includes aggregated LiqMaps

  • Ultimate Trading Toolkit

    Includes all the Premium's features, with an addition for professionals.
  • Aggregated Liquidation Maps

    View aggregated future liquidations across multiple exchanges at a glance.
Best Algo traders & Funds


500$ / Instrument

10 000$ All instruments

Build custom solutions with our Web & API requests

  • Custom Integration Capabilities

    Directly integrate liquidation maps into your strategies or dashboards with our API access.
Or have a One Week trial for 29$.

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