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Liquidation map API
Liquidation Maps

Unlock Superior Trading with Premium Features

  • Liquidation Maps: Real-time insights into market liquidations, aiding strategy adjustments and risk minimization. Improve your entries, and target liquidations to exit, Low slippage and wick sniping guaranteed!
  • Liquidations Ratios: See where the market's future liquidations are located at a glance for easy market screening
  • Gamma & Vanna Exposure: Detailed Gamma and Vanna analysis for options traders, essential for understanding the hidden buying and selling pressure.
  • RSI Heatmap: Instantly see which coin is oversold or overbought, check the liquidations in a click, and simply place your trade!
  • Toxic Order Flow: Navigate crypto market manipulations effectively with our toxic order flow identification tool.
  • Aggregated Order Book: Comprehensive market depth analysis across exchanges, spots and perps, for informed trading decisions.
  • Skew and Veiou Dashboards: Advanced analytics for understanding market trends and biases, driving data-driven decisions. CVDs, Orders deltas, Spot vs Perp tracking, you can now take advantage of the best traders' alpha.

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