Welcome to a realm where integrating potent trading data and functionalities is astonishingly straightforward. KF-API is your key to effortlessly merging Kingfisher's extensive trading tools and data into your applications.


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Best for Explorers



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  • Comprehensive Live Chart

    Get real-time access to detailed trade and liquidation feeds with ultra-precise 1ms candles.
  • Daily Liquidation Map

    Easily plan trades with our daily public liquidation map.
  • Advanced Scripting Engine

    Tailor your trading experience with our Tradingview-style scripting engine.
  • Kingfisher Bazar Configuration

    Effortlessly create your dashboard with our Kingfisher Bazar tool.
  • Spin to Win Credits

    Win free credits daily for more liquidation map access.
  • Market Ratio Insights

    Keep up with market trends with real-time ratio insights.
  • Live OrderBooks

    See the OrderBooks pressure as it happens.
Best for Occasional Traders



1 Credit/LiqMap or 10 credits for 1h full-access

  • All The Free Features Plus More

  • Flexible Credit Purchase

    Buy credits individually as per your need.
  • Single Liquidation Map Pulls

    Pull one liquidation map at a time, tailored for occasional traders.
  • Ideal for Sporadic Traders

    Best suited for traders who engage in infrequent trades.
Best for Casual Traders


$79 /mo

Everything you need to get started

  • Unlimited Access and More

    All The Free Features, and exclusive premium features.
  • Unlimited Liquidation Maps

    Pull as many liquidation maps as you need.
  • GEX+ Access

    Get insights into Gamma and Vanna exposure of Options dealers.
  • Toxic Order Flow Visibility

    Monitor toxic order flows in real-time.
  • Leverage and Liquidation Clusters

    View market leverage states and liquidation clusters easily.
  • Exclusive Community Access

    Join private Discord and Telegram groups for expert discussions.
  • Global RSI Heatmap

    Analyze market trends with the Global RSI Heatmap.
  • Innovative Index Builder and Trader

    Utilize our specialized tools for Bybit and Binance.
  • OEMS Trial

    Experience our Order Execution Management System.
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$109 /mo

For serious traders and desks. Includes aggregated LiqMaps

  • Ultimate Trading Toolkit

    Includes all the Premium's features, with an addition for professionals.
  • Aggregated Liquidation Maps

    View aggregated future liquidations across multiple exchanges at a glance.
Best Algo traders & Funds


500$ / Instrument

10 000$ Unlimited

Build custom solutions with our Web & API requests

  • Custom Integration Capabilities

    Directly integrate liquidation maps into your strategies or dashboards with our API access.
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