Getting started on The Kingfisher

Traders on unregulated exotic derivatives exchanges exposes themselves to additional risk. The Liquidation risk.

Getting started on The Kingfisher

Traders on unregulated exotic derivatives exchanges exposes themselves to additional risk. The Liquidation risk.

When a trader’s position’s liquidation price hit, his entire position will be routed through the exchange’s risk engine to cover the loss of the trader.

When only a few positions worth a few bitcoins are concerned, the market impact is negligible. If hundreds of such positions have liquidation prices close to each other, the closing orders compound and the market impact can be massive. Furthermore, a liquidation can trigger another one by pulling the price just enough, and might trigger “mass chain liquidations” across several hundreds of dollars.

The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is the only service showing you areas where a high density of liquidations will take place:

Those are price zones of high liquidity, fast price action, and general confusion for those not expecting them.

By using the Kingfisher’s liquidation maps, you can

  • Breakout trade
  • Profitably scalp
  • Accurately place your stop-loss and save yourself from a stop hunt
  • Take-profit in areas of high liquidity
  • Optimise significant size execution finding liquidity and avoiding unnecessary slippage.
  • Detect when volatility event like sudden pump/dump will start and fade.

Getting started on The Kingfisher

Once you registered an account, you will be greeted with a quick tour of the website, we highly recommend you to take.

The heart of the Kingfisher are the Liquidation Maps [1].

The map view allows you to identify markets liquidations before they even happen. All the FTX Perpetual pairs are included, and can be studied through different filters of various configurations.

Those use different timeframe and levers to accurately estimate different price zones of interest.

The Kingfisher — The map [1], the Wheel [2], the Settings [3]

Last will get you the latest available map using the latest market data

Custom will get you the map for the time specified in the calendar selector

Zoom will…. zoom

Maps history will allow you to check back on any maps you ever requested

Trading sessions

The best way to experience The Kingfisher is by using trading sessions

Those sessions cost 10 Kingfisher Credits and will allow you to pull an unlimited number of maps on any instrument during one hour.

All the maps that will be requested during trading sessions will remain available under the user’s Maps history

Getting Kingfisher Credits

Credits can be obtained for free using the wheel

Spin the wheel and win free Kingfisher credits

But also through the Kingfisher referral program, offering free Credits and a free 3 months subscription if 7 friends were referred

Under Settings, you can subscribe or by credit packs

Under settings, Credits can be bought by pack, or a subscription can be obtained.

Subscriptions are highly recommended as they allow subscribed users to pull an unlimited number of maps, just like a long term trading session.


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The Kingfisher, a trailblazer in liquidation forecasting and algorithmic trading, is renowned for providing insightful and groundbreaking Liquidations maps and custom data. Dedicated to sharing valuable knowledge and strategies, The Kingfisher team empowers their members to evolve and succeed in the dynamic world of trading

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