KF-API: Unleash the Degenerate Within

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Kick Boring Trading to the Curb

Imagine a world where your wildest trading dreams don’t
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Imagine Kingfisher's data and functionality, but it's all
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Your Trading, But on Steroids

Create trading solutions that scream YOUR name.
KF-API takes your wild visions of specialized,
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Liquidation map API
Liquidation map API

Dive Into a Sea of Data with KF-API

  • Unlock Endless Data: Grab a surfboard and ride the wave of Kingfisher’s limitless data and functionalities to enhance those degen trades.
  • Liquidations? Get the Deets: Instant data on liquidations to keep that PnL looking pretty and green. 💚📈
  • GEX+ & OEMS? Yes, Please: Sift through GEX+ data for the juiciest market sentiment analysis and employ OEMS features for slick, smooth order executions.

Data That Won’t Ghost You

Unlock real-time liquidations data with KF-API.
Ride the market trends, spot those golden opportunities,
and strategize with the confidence of a Wall Street wolf.

Decode Market Feels with GEX+ Data

Pop the hood of the market with GEX+ data via KF-API.
Predict price moves, refine those degen decisions, and
stay ahead with strategies that even Wall Street would envy.

Easy Access to a Powerhouse of Data

Slide through Kingfisher’s treasure trove of data
and functionalities. KF-API: Your golden ticket to
a world where your trades know no bounds.

Click, Click, Boom! Easy Peasy.

Authenticate requests like a boss and dive
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Smooth Moves with KF-API

Power-up your applications. Let KF-API slide into your
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Go Parabolic with Kingfisher’s Data

Choose your API Plan and unlock the ungodly power of KF-API to:

  • Snipe Future Liquidations: Aim, fire, and conquer upcoming liquidation events like a degen sniper.
  • Slippage? Not Here: Execute orders at the prices you want and shield your trades from the market’s chaos.
  • MAXIMIZE Returns: Harness the data, make those big brain plays, and watch those profits go to the moon!

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Liquidation map API

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Integrating Kingfisher's API into your applications means
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