KF-API: Unlock Infinite Possibilities

Welcome to a realm where integrating potent trading data
and functionalities is astonishingly straightforward.
KF-API is your key to effortlessly merging Kingfisher’s
extensive trading tools and data into your applications.

Weave Kingfisher's Power into Your Apps

Imagine crafting trading tools and strategies
with utmost ease and precision. KF-API enables
developers to intertwine Kingfisher's robust data
and functionalities, creating a uniquely yours trading experience.

Integration, Effortless

Envision integrating Kingfisher's data and functionality.
KF-API ensures your applications and Kingfisher’s tools
move in perfect harmony.

Tailored Trading Solutions

Construct trading solutions that mirror your unique needs.
KF-API transforms your vision for specialized,
data-driven trading tools into reality.

Liquidation map API
Liquidation map API

Explore Diverse Data Elements with KF-API

  • Unlock a Wealth of Data with KF-API: Access a rich repository of data elements and functionalities to enhance your trading strategies.
  • Navigate Real-Time Liquidations Data: Delve into instant data on liquidations to stay abreast of market trends and identify lucrative opportunities.
  • Harness GEX+ Data and Advanced OEMS Features: Utilize GEX+ data for in-depth market sentiment analysis and leverage OEMS features for streamlined order execution management.

Real-Time Data for Strategic Trades

Unlock real-time liquidations data with KF-API. Navigate market trends, spot opportunities, and strategize with confidence through immediate data insights.

Forecast with GEX+ Data Insights

Leverage GEX+ data via KF-API to decode market sentiment. Anticipate price shifts, refine your trading decisions, and stay ahead with informed strategies.

Effortless KF-API Access

Seamlessly weave through Kingfisher's
potent data and functionalities.
KF-API: Your key to a world of boundless data access.

Simple Authentication & Exploration

Authenticate requests with ease.
Dive into a variety of sample API calls.
Let KF-API guide your exploration.

Smooth KF-API Integration

Empower your applications.
Integrate KF-API smoothly,
enriching your tools and strategies with Kingfisher’s data.

Supercharge Your Strategies with Kingfisher’s Data

Choose the API Plan and unlock the power of KF-API to:

  • Target Future Liquidations Clusters: Precisely anticipate and navigate upcoming liquidation events.
  • Minimize Slippage: Execute orders at desired prices and safeguard your trades from market impact.
  • Amplify Returns: Leverage data to make informed decisions and enhance your profit potential.
  • Avoid Liquidations Cascade: Utilize data to navigate away from cascading liquidation events and safeguard your assets.
  • Improve Fill Quality & Quantity: Ensure your orders are executed with optimal quality and desired quantities.

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Liquidation map API

Forge Your Customized Trading Tools and Strategies

Integrating Kingfisher's API into your applications unlocks a universe of data-driven trading possibilities. Begin your adventure towards powerful, personalized trading today.

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