Kingfisher: The Leverage Trader’s Secret Weapon

Explore a universe where robust trading data
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Kingfisher provides the key to navigating
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Navigate Markets with Unparalleled Insight

Unlock trading strategies that mitigate risk
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Seamless Integration

Kingfisher’s data effortlessly integrates
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are always powered by the latest insights.

Transformative Trading Solutions

Turn vision into reality. Craft data-driven
trading solutions tailored for maximal impact
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The Kingfisher toolbox
Liquidation map API

Unlock a Multiverse of Data with Kingfisher

  • Future-Proof Your Strategies: Access insights on future liquidations and adjust your positions for optimal performance.
  • Stay a Step Ahead: Real-time liquidations data keeps your strategies in sync with market movements.
  • Deep Market Sentiment Analysis: Harness GEX+ data and advanced OEMS features to navigate market sentiment and streamline order execution.

Strategize with Real-Time Insights

Unlock real-time liquidations data and stay ahead
of market movements, optimizing your leveraged
trading positions.

Anticipate with GEX+ Data

Utilize GEX+ data to anticipate market sentiment
shifts and refine your leveraged trading strategies,
ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Unlock Boundless Data Access

Effortlessly navigate through Kingfisher’s
vast pool of data and functionalities,
ensuring your strategies are always a step ahead.

Simple, Powerful Exploration

Easily authenticate requests and dive
into a realm of API calls, guiding
your exploration with Kingfisher.

Effortless Integration

Integrate Kingfisher smoothly and empower
your applications, enriching your leveraged trading
strategies with our robust data.

Amplify Your Leverage Trading Strategies

Select your API Plan and supercharge
your strategies with Kingfisher to:

  • Anticipate Liquidations: Navigate with precision through upcoming liquidation events.
  • Minimize Market Impact: Execute orders strategically, safeguarding from undue market impact.
  • Maximize Returns: Enhance your profit potentials with our robust data.
  • Prevent Liquidation Cascades: Steer clear from cascading liquidation events and secure your assets.
  • Optimize Order Execution: Ensure orders are executed with optimal quality and desired quantities.

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Liquidation map API

Empower Your Leverage Trading Strategies

Integrate Kingfisher's API into your applications,
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